Thursday, 19 February 2015

STYLE REHAB ; The Basics

The first question i asked myself when working on this post was: WHAT IS STYLE?
The best answer i came across? - Style is about you and the relationship to yourself. Fashion is in clothes, Style is in the wearer.
 To be stylish you have to figure out your signature style. Find a look that is your own, based on your body type, personality and lifestyle. You also need to pay attention to details and the fun part that i love; Play dress up, honey! Be open to new silhouettes and trends.

We always hear this phrase in the beginning of every year.... New Year, New Me or New year, New beginnings. I normally start my year doing something different to make the year not feel like the last. A hair cut, a lip color I've never tried.... just something different.. This year i am pushing myself to understand my personal style and fashion in general. In any new thing you always begin with the basics. These are timeless pieces that i think you shouldn't live without and you can be rest-assured that these key pieces will never go out of style or lose their street-chic appeal. It can take years to build your wardrobe, but you don't need to have a closet full in order to rock your signature look. Just make sure you buy the right things.

So whether you’re looking to start over or simply wish to update an old favorite, keep reading.... Start with the basics, evolve your style and every thing would be "deliver fresh from nature God" (Ghanaian catch phrase hehehehehehe)

    Ladies, this is the most basic piece and it's easy to wear, casual, and oh, so versatile!

     Trend Alert!!!! It's a basic piece too and is as versatile as the plain Tee
3.   JEANS
      They go with everything. Enough said. Be sure to find a pair that fits you perfectly or one that is over-sized because the 90s are back baby!
       Distressed is the way to go these days.... You can can also DIY too!

    You may just wear it for interviews, or you may wear it every day with jeans, but there are ways to take your trusty blazer in new, chic directions.

    "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"
    A black pointed pump would make any outfit look chic and classy. I personally prefer a Red or Nude pointed pumps.

6. LBD
    It has been endorsed with being one of the most classic and wearable pieces of womens clothing. Smart, sexy, seductive or minimalist, a little black dress can be something that you want it to be.

Will put up a post about accessorizing and also a part two of the Basics.

  Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
                      - To the style hungry

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